IGEL Community Meetup – IGEL PMM meets IGEL Community – MARCH 2024

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Exciting News for the IGEL Community!

We’re thrilled to announce a major commitment from our Product Management team: Quarterly Roadmap Sessions for the IGEL Community!

These sessions are a fantastic opportunity for all of us to get insights directly from the product team, learn about the upcoming roadmap, new product launches, updates, and share our feedback.

And guess what? You’re invited to join this sessions!

Public Sessions will cover the general roadmap, new products, updates, and an opportunity for feedback.

Mark your calendars for the Public Sessions:

Thursday, 21 March, 11AM ET / 5 PM CET.

Thursday, 27 June, 11AM ET / 5 PM CET.

Thursday, 26 September, 11AM ET / 5 PM CET.

Thursday, 12 December, 11AM ET / 5 PM CET

Join our IGEL Community today and make sure you don´t miss the next Meetup.


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