How to use the IGEL Community on Slack

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The IGEL Community leverages Slack as our daily ‘give and take’ platform. It truly is a beautiful platform for communicating with each other, and in four years together, we have posted over 300,000 messages.

If you are new to Slack or even a seasoned pro, you might have thought, “Do you ask yourself whether I need all these annoying notifications from Slack?” Or do you ever get the desire to punch your keyboard when using the Search function? (BTW, Slack has a super powerful search engine once you know how to use it.)

If any of these items are true, or you just wanted to learn more about the IGEL Community and how to use Slack, you will want to watch this video!

Don’t worry that the video is 36 minutes in length. We created chapters so you can jump from one topic to another.

Presented by Sebastian Perusat, IGEL Community FELLOW.

In this video, Sebastien will teach you how to:

00:00 Introduction
01:24 Start the client (Web + Desktop)
02:10 How to navigate to the channels
03:07 How to read community messages
04:29 How to reply to threads
08:21 How to add reactions
10:08 How to use the search feature
14:37 Community channels purpose explained
24:00 How to sort and hide unneeded channels
25:52 How to manage Slack notifications
29:26 How to send Direct Messages (PMs)
30:42 How to subscribe to hidden channels
31:59 Getting started section / personal informations
33:22 IGEL Community Resources

Not an IGEL customer? Give it a try, download, and try the IGEL OS Edge OS with IGEL UMS management solution.

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