What’s New in IGEL UMS 6.07.100 & ICG 2.03.100

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Watch this video to learn what’s new in IGEL UMS 6.07.100, UMS WebApp, and IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) 2.03.100. Presented by Daniela Morgner and Florian Strobl from IGEL Product Management.  Daniela and Florian walk us through the new features, fixes and a bit about what’s coming in the next release.

What’s New in UMS 6.07.100:

 What’s New in UMS Web App:

The UMS Web App now offers new features for the use case “Device Management”:

  • Quickly manage profiles via UMS WebApp (structure profiles in directories and subdirectories, assign profiles to devices and directories, add files to profiles) – https://kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.07/en/configuration-43109521.html
  • Give user groups/users permission to perform actions on multiple devices (bulk actions)
  • Give user groups/users permission to delete loggings.

ICG 2.03.100

  • Includes a Java & Tomcat Update (mainly security fixes)
  • This version impresses with many new features, optimizations, and important bugfixes.

Download at https://www.igel.com/software-downloads/

Learn more at https://kb.igel.com/ums/whatsnew 

Not an IGEL customer? Give it a try, download and try the IGEL OS Edge OS with IGEL UMS management solution here.

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