Usual IGEL Technical Issues Explained and Solved Video with Sebastien Perusat – Part 2

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Watch Part 2 of our “Usual IGEL Technical Issues Explained and Solved” with Sebastien Perusat, IGEL Community FELLOW, for a deep dive on IGEL troubleshooting, the way HE DOES IT!

In this meetup, you will learn:

  • How does Sebastien access specific Logs?
  • Tweak the GUI (Window Manager)
  • Handle the post-session and Custom commands
  • Read, encrypt and set configurations through Command Line (CLI)
  • Useful Command Line Commands

In Part 1, Sebastien dove deep into IGEL OS, IGEL UMS, IGEL ICG troubleshooting, and administration. If you are looking to learn how to manage better and troubleshoot your IGEL investment, look no further. You can watch Part1 here

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