Tehama: Securing the IT Service’s Supply Chain with a Transparency Architecture

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In the following IGEL Community on-demand webinar we are happy to have Jaymes Davis, Head of Customer Success, at Tehama with us to share their vision on an IT service delivery platform for the global workforce.

As an IT or security expert, you already know that to leverage your global workforce effectively, you need to secure your IT services supply chain. From remote workers to your contingent workforce, and third parties all need controlled and monitored access to secured corporate assets. They also need to adhere to regulatory compliance standards such as GDPR, SOC 2, and FIPS. And for business agility, everyone needs fast and easy access, compliance and collaboration.

The business case for IT services supply chain security is about much more than cost-effectively mitigating risk and ensuring compliance; it’s also about achieving business agility. Faster on-boarding—in days instead of weeks or even months—improves your time to market and better collaboration increases productivity. Adopting the extended enterprise framework can stop reactionary cybersecurity strategies and learn to work within both secure and complaint architectures.

Watch this on-demand webinar for a review of how to use the EEF framework to spot your Cybersecurity gaps and start working towards an active cybersecurity posture and how a trust your endpoints again leveraging IGEL and Tehama SDP.

Learn more, visit: https://tehama.io

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