Tech Q&A with IGEL’s CTO Matthias Haas

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Watch the IGEL Community October 2020 Meetup and hear IGEL’s CTO, Matthias Haas share his views on IGEL’s technical future, the IGEL roadmap, and we opened up the conversation for ‘Ask Matthias Anything’ time!

It was great to have IGEL’s technical visionary with us to share his and the IGEL’s technical direction. Matthias shares his views and answers your questions on everything from Microsoft WVD, to VMware to IGEL OS, IGEL ICG, IGEL UMS, Custom Partitions, and the their future.  These are wonderful meetups to watch and to attend. Matthias is a wealth of knowledge on why we do what we do and so much more.

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About MATTHIAS HAAS – Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer for IGEL Technology, Matthias Haas develops key technology partnerships and is responsible for IGEL’s hardware and software portfolio. With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Haas creates products that are tailored around the needs of IGEL’s customers and meet the evolving requirements of the global market. Haas is dedicated to creating solutions that help IGEL customers run their business endpoint solutions as efficiently as possible. He works together with existing technology partners like Citrix, VMware or Microsoft to provide bleeding-edge managed workspace solutions. Prior to joining IGEL as a software developer in 2007, Haas spent 6 years as a Linux software developer at Linogate, a Linux internet security appliance company. Haas graduated with a degree in Computer Science (Dipl.-Inf. (FH) from the University of Applied Science Augsburg.

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