Remoting Virtual Reality (RemoteVR) Explained

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Virtual Reality is cool, and very cutting edge. Like all cutting-edge technologies, it pushes the limits of what can be done. Now imagine running VR remotely? You’re nuts! Nope, it’s here today!

Watch Fredrik Brattstig, NVIDIA Grid Community Advisor and IGEL Senior Presale Engineer to learn the ins and outs of RemoteVR. RemoteVR enables you to do Virtual Reality securely within your network or over the internet. It will allow you to put the graphics compute power in your data center and share it amongst multiple users in multiple locations, removing the need for expensive dedicated workstations for Virtual Reality.

The number of use cases is enormous, Mechanical Engineering – collaborate and visualize, Healthcare – Surgeon training, Architecture – explore your house before it gets built, and many more.

You will learn:

  • The what and why of virtual reality
  • The history of RemoteVR
  • The impact of Endpoint performance
  • IGEL OS, the perfect choice
  • How to get it going and reach the nirvana experience of RemoteVR

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