IGEL Universal Management Suite 12.03.100 – What’s New

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On December 13th 2023, IGEL is releasing the new UMS Version 12.03.100.

With this version we adress a lot of great new features, we will present and explain in this Release Video. Sebastien Perusat and Rene Recker welcome our Senior Product Manager Florian Strobl to discuss the latest features.

Learn about our new user driven design to make your daily working more effective, get more consistence to our OS 12 base system and finally introduce the dark mode.

Get all the updates to our cool new features we are offering now for our File Management within our Web UMS.

With UMS 12.03.100 you have also new Remote Security Logging features for UMS and also ICG.

There will be more features like more flexible naming scheme, support of specific device commands, UI/UX optimization in configuration dialog, Support of MS SQL Server 2022 and other supported solutions.

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