IGEL Community’s Anniversary! We turn 5!!

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I’m thrilled to announce the IGEL Community will turned 5 on 20th of December.

This is a fantastic number, and I thank you all for being a part of it!

Our achievement is something no number can represent! We have created a community that I hope has made every one of us better! After all, “A group of people and the culture they create is one of the same.” Now, let‘s celebrate!!

I invited @Jed Ayres @Irfan Khurshid from the ELT, @Rene Recker – IGEL, @Fredrik Brattstig, Christian Werner to join us.

We have delivered some really cool insights of the last years, chitchat about what we achieved and bring up panelist attendees and speak with us.

Why shoud you join? Because it will be FUN!!!

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