IGEL Community VIP – Geek Speak!

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Watch the April IGEL Community meetup for a lively Geek Speak panel discussion with a few of our IGEL Community VIP members, Barry Brown, David Faynor, David Prows, and René Bigler. 

Together we will discuss the latest from IGEL and the EUC world and topics such as:

  • How they found themselves in the IT world
  • DaaS vs. On-prem computing
  • How their companies are dealing with IT/EUC security in the new COVID world
  • What they see as the future of IT over the next 2 to 5 years
  • Much more…

This Meetup will be a wide-open conversation, a lot of fun, and worth the time to watch. 

If you liked this webinar, please view our list of upcoming webinars and meetups on the IGEL Community Tech Events page!  

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