IGEL Community Meetup October 2021 – A Day in the Life of IGEL Evangelist Fredrik Brattstig, Plus Insights into IGEL Support with Timo Siedenberg

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Watch the IGEL Community October 2021 Meetup for two lively tech sessions.

In our first session, Timo Siedenberg, IGEL’s VP of Advanced Services and Support, gives you a behind-the-scenes look into IGEL support.

Next up, IGEL Evangelist Fredrik Brattstig dives deep and shares the incredible and cutting-edge technologies that cross his path. Did you hear about PCoIP Ultra and how mind-blowing this technology is? Ever wanted to understand why the RX420 is like it is? What are the latest news/recommendations on NVIDIA vGPUs? AVD/Windows365, what’s new, what’s to expect?

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