IGEL Community & LGE – How to get the perfect Endpoint for your users with LGE and IGEL OS

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Watch IGEL Community’s Sebastien Perusat, with special guests, Kyungbae Jun, LGE IT B2B Product Manager, Guido Beyna, LGE Cloud Monitors Sales Engineer, and David Faynor from Pittsburgh Mercy, for a lively Q&A and show & tell on how LGE is changing the endpoint world by delivering IGEL OS on their relevant Hardware: premium 4K UHD, In-Plane Switching, LED Desktop Monitors and Medical Monitors, as well as Zero Client, Thin Client, and gram laptops. 

You will learn:

  • How LGE is improving their Hardware Roadmap
  • How LGE is working together with IGEL OS
  • How our customers like David Faynor from Pittsburgh Mercy see the requirements for a perfect workplace
  • Live Q&A

As with all IGEL Community events, this event was a technical discussion, show & tell, and deep dive into LGE Devices and IGEL technologies and solutions.

Learn more! Read the release notes here.

Download IGEL OS here.

Not an IGEL customer? Give it a try, download, and try the IGEL OS Edge OS with IGEL UMS management solution here.

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