IGEL Community January 2023 Meetup – A Day in the Life of a IGEL Support Engineer & IGEL Features

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Join the IGEL Community for our January Meetup, hosted by Sébastien Pérusat.

In our first session of the Year, Lino Roithner, IGEL’s Senior Director Customer Support “EMEA”, gives you a behind-the-scenes look into IGEL support.

  • Team Structure / Presentation
  • 1st Level function / 2nd Level function / 3rd Level function
  • Differences in ticket handling: Select / Priority
  • How is a complex ticket process done, e.g. when a bug occurs?
  • What distinguishes support from community
  • Examples and how we can help customers in the community without fighting against support

Second part of the session will be hosted by Sebastien Perusat, Senior Director of Community: we released amazing Software versions in 2022!! Want to see which hidden Features you might have missed?

Maybe wanting to know how to configure and use them?

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