IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) Security Hardening Best Practices with Sebastien Perusat – Part 1

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Watch this IGEL Community Tech Deep-Dive Webinar and learn best practices for securing and hardening IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) from IGEL’s Sebastien Perusat, Team Lead Enterprise Presales EMEA.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to update to the latest version

  • How to set up a Sudo concept

  • How to set up a Linux Firewall and setting up rules for it

  • How to disable unneeded Daemons

  • How to disable empty passwords

  • How to set UID to 0

  • How to disable root SSH Login

  • “Kernel” Hardening

  • If needed ClamAV / ChkRootkit

Watch this webinar and learn from one of the best IGEL engineers, on how to secure your IGEL ICG investment. This is truly a must watch video.

Download the session’s PowerPoint presentation here.

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