How to Enhance IGEL OS Security via the IGEL UMS

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Watch this IGEL Tech-Tips Tuesday video to learn how to enhance security and lockdown IGEL OS via the IGEL UMS.  

By default, the IGEL OS is secure by design, but there is always more than can be done. In this session, you will learn the finer details on how to lockdown and enhance security when deploying the IGEL OS via the IGEL UMS. 

Presented by Sebastian Perusat, IGEL Community FELLOW.

In this video, Sebastien will teach you how to:

  • 01:00 General Discussion
  • 04:20 Disabling features
  • 05:05 Define an Admin Password
  • 05:32 Disabling the Smartcard Daemon
  • 05:50 Disable SSH Service
  • 06:05 Enable USB Access Control
  • 07:40 Disable Storage Hotplug
  • 08:10 Disable Bluetooth
  • 08:52 Disable Console Switcher
  • 10:00 Enable Screenlock/Saver (Password sync on Citrix)
  • 11:30 Postsession Command
  • 12:20 Testing
  • 13:40 Removing unneeded features from GUI

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