Deep Dive on Microsoft RDP & WVD with Denis Gundarev, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

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For the August IGEL Community Meetup, we are delighted to have Denis Gundarev, Senior Program Manager, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) at Microsoft. Denis dives deep into RDP, WVD, Remote Desktop Services and so much more.  Plus he answers your questions. If you are interested in Microsoft WVD or Remote Desktop Services then this is a meetup for you to no miss!

A great session to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

About Denis Gundarev

Denis is a seasoned technologist with over twenty years of hands-on field experience. Extensive expertise in security, enterprise IT, virtualization, product management and development; exceptional problem-solving skills, and the ability to communicate and collaborate at all levels within and between organizations.

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