Common IGEL Administration Tasks Explained – Video

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Watch this IGEL Tech-Tips Tuesday video to dive into important IGEL administration tasks. 

Learn: how to create scheduled backups, clean up your IGEL UMS database, automate IGEL OS rollouts, and automate IGEL OS devices’ deletion. 

Presented by Sebastian Perusat, IGEL Community FELLOW.

In this video, Sebastien will teach you how to: 

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 01:30 – Backup
  • 02:52 – Cleanup DB
  • 04:30 – How to automate Device deletion
  • 05:10 – How to export Views
  • 06:20 – Automate Roullouts

Not an IGEL customer? Give it a try, download, and try the IGEL OS Edge OS with IGEL UMS management solution.

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